New educational environment is designed with new principles: 8 equipped and completely repaired computer classrooms were established at the Polytechnic University

New educational environment is designed with new principles: 8 equipped and completely repaired computer classrooms were established at the Polytechnic University

Rector of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia Gor Vardanyan and Hayk and Alexander Yesayan, founders of Team Telecom Armenia have announced the opening of 8 computer classrooms of the Chair of Algorithmic Languages ​​and Programming of NPUA. 82 new and modern computers were renovated as well as equipped and connected to the network.

The purpose of the opening of the laboratories is to prepare competitive personnel at the university as well as the training and preparation of future specialists to join the technical staff of Team Telecom Armenia. The study of new technologies starts at the university and the properly equipped classrooms facilitate the acquisition of practical knowledge and future advancement.

Computers with high technical parameters located in the newly opened computer classrooms allow us to use new versions of computer software, update anti-virus software, and use the services and opportunities of the Internet in the teaching process.  Gor Vardanyan, the rector of NPUA, welcomed the attendees and thanked Hayk and Alexander Yesayan, founders of Team Telecom Armenia for their support.

“Hayk Yesayan is a graduate of the Polytechnic University, and Alexander Yesayan is a member of the NPUA Board. They both assist in the solution of current problems the Polytechnic University faces for the development of education.

We are opening 8 computer classrooms today, and Team telecom Armenia company donated 200 computers to the Polytechnic University. In today’s high-tech industry, in particular, for the activities of the Department of Algorithmic Languages ​​and Programming, computer technology is extremely important. I would like to underline that in addition to these auditoriums, 7 or 8 classrooms will be opened, that will also be equipped with new computers. The Chair of Algorithmic Languages ​​and Programming is an ancillary chair, therefore all students of the university, including those of the College, will use the newly opened classrooms. This is a great achievement for us”, Gor Vardanyan pointed out in his welcoming speech. The rector hopes that this support will be continuous, and this is a good signal for the university’s private sector partners in terms of transforming public funds into educational products. According to Gor Vardanyan, the rector of NPUA, this is a good example of employer-higher education institution relations.

Alexander Yesayan, co-founder of Team Telecom Armenia, pointed out that for their company it is an honor to support the Polytechnic University and the education sector in general.

“The reforms that have started at the Polytechnic University are welcome news. I am confident that this cooperation will be continuous. The private sector, the business must constantly take some steps to improve education, because the success of our business depends on the quality of education. We realize the importance of such programs and we will always be next to the university”, he said. Hayk Yesayan, co-founder of Team Telecom Armenia, expressed his gratitude to the rector of NPUA Gor Vardanyan for the shaping of education based on new principles.

“Computers are just tools, as the content and high quality education is the most important factor. Life develops and this evolution should permeate the university and take it forward, toward the progress. The Polytechnic University is one of the universities that lay the foundation for the development of our sector. We attach importance to the innovative educational solutions for employees of the company and attraction of specialists from the universities “, Hayk Yesayan pointed out.

Tigran Avinyan, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NPUA, underlined that the events taking place at the Polytechnic University are a real reason to feel proud. “The Polytechnic University was the largest university in the country during the Soviet Union time that prepared a large number of engineers for the economy.

“I am confident that the university can rebuild its reputation and be revived. Based on such measures, the education-employer connection always becomes closer. The university understands that high quality staff is demanded by the employer and accordingly adapts its educational programs to the requirements of the labor market. I express my gratitude to both the university leadership and the Team Telecom Armenia Company.  I am confident that due to such continuous cooperation, we will be able to record that technological education in Armenia is already on another level and we are able to provide personnel not only for Armenia, but also for the international market,” Tigran Avinyan underlined in his speech.

Acting Head of the Chair of Algorithmic Languages ​​and Programming Seyran Avetisyan, expressing his gratitude to the leadership of NPUA and Team Telecom Armenia has mentioned that the chair willingly accepts all the reforms done. A high amount of works aimed at the equipment and refurbishment is necessary to enhance the quality of learning for teachers and students. He pointed out that during the delivery of the educational material, projectors are being used by the lecturers as well as the ‘Teacher’ program for the monitoring process and if demanded to interfere with students’ work from the lecturer’s computer, which will increase the quality of education.

The newly opened computer classrooms offer huge opportunities to students during their coursework, graduation works and educational internship. Extensive use of online services and new technologies during the study process of the professional groups are enabled.