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Mikael Mazmanyan

ԵրՊի Ռեկտոր (1930-1934)

Mikael Mazmanyan was born on November 9, 1899 in Tbilisi.

In 1918 he finished Tbilisi Nersisyan School.

 In 1916 he was in Ani, copied the murals of Tigran Honenc Church on the instruction of N.Mari.

In 1917 he participated in the first and second (1919) exhibitions of Armenian Artists Union organized in Tbilisi.

In 1921 he entered Moscow Higher Fine Arts and Technical Workshop on the recommendation of M. Saryan, studied painting and architecture. During study years he created posters, a set of caricatures, designed books and performances.

In 1929-1932 he was the founding member of All-Russian Association of Proletarian Architects in Moscow (later All-Union Association), and member of Organization of Proletarian Architects in Yerevan.

From July 1930 he was deputy director of the newly-formed Construction Institute of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, later on – its director.

In 1933 he was assigned the founding director of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute and worked till 1935.

In 1930-1937 he lectured “History of Architecture” and other subjects, supervised term and diploma works of architectural design. In 1930-1935 he was the first director of Yerevan Construction Institute (currently, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia).

From 1954 he governed the Architectural planning workshop of executive committee of Yerevan city council.

From 1958 he governed the city planning department of “Yerevan Design” Institute.

In 1932-1937 he headed the Architectural workshop of “Giprogor” design bureau.

From 1954 he headed the executive committee of Yerevan City Council.

In 1958-1970 he headed Architectural Planning Workshop of “Yerevan Design” Institute.

 In 1957 he was chairman of the architectural and construction committee of Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin.

From 1930 he designed the chief layout of Kapan town located on complex terrain (1930, building of Banavan as well), Noravan, Sisian, Tatev, Shinuhayr, Vanadzor (1929-1930 and 1934-1937) and in 1932-1937 of Gyumri planning and layout.

In 1928-1929, based on the design of Mazmanyan (with co-authors), the Builders’ Club was built in Yerevan.

In 1930-1932 he built the residential house of Yerevan Water Power plant (“Chess Style”).

In 1936-1937 he designed the Central Department Store.

In 1935-1940 he designed the Public Library Complex (the construction ended in 1960).

In 1955-1965 he designed Ajapnyak residential district.

In 1939 he was forced to move to the Far North of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, where till 1954 together with G.B.Kochar designed and created the chief layout of Norilsk and Dudinka, the first cities of the Pole.

In 1955-1969, supervised by Mazmanyan, different districts of Yerevan were designed (1955-1969), designs of layout of Center of Yerevan (1967-1968), the chief layout of the city for 1 million population.

The honored architect passed away in Yerevan, on October 29, 1971.