Chemical Technology

The learning outcomes of the program in the form of graduates’ competencies

  • To analyze multifold sources of raw materials production of chemical industry, technologies of their production and utilization, modes of material separation and cleaning, to make respective technical, technological and organizational decisions,
  • Skills to develop products and implement experimental research of chemical production devices and technologies by means of popular methodology,
  •  To calculate parameters and indicators of technical, technological and organizational decision-making processes of production, separation, cleaning and thermal processing of chemical industry’s raw materials,
  • To make up technical documents, calculations, statements of equipment choice, demonstrative materials of chemical production projects by means of information technology usage,
  • To use modern programming packages and means of mathematical modeling and research of chemical and technological problems.
Curriculum Credits
Engineering and computer graphics 5
Applied mechanics 10
General electrical engineering 5
Materials science 4
Metrology and certification 4
Chemistry 4
Organic chemistry 8
Physical chemistry 5
Colloidal chemistry 4
Analytical chemistry 6
Physical and chemical methods of analysis 3
Processes and devices of chemical technology 12
General chemical technology 4
Application of calculation methods in technological processes 6
Automation and management of technological processes 4
Industrial environment protection 4
Organic and nonorganic materials chemistry and technology 12
Design foundations of chemical production 6
Elective course 1 Chemical technology of organic materials
Oil chemistry 5
Foundations of paint production 4
Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds 6
Foundations of production of surface-active substances 6
Chemical technology of organic materials 12
Organic synthesis equipment 6
Elective course 2  Pharmaceutical chemistry technology
Pharmaceutical chemistry 5
Technology of medicine production 13
Medicine production equipment 6
Expertise of medicines 4
Foundations of pharmaceutical toxicology 6
Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds 6
Elective course 3 Silicate and hard fusible non-metallic materials technology
Physical chemistry of silicate and hard fusible non-metallic materials 11
Chemical technology of silicate and hard fusible non-metallic materials    13
Thermal equipment and systems of silicate and hard fusible non-metallic materials 10
Production equipment of silicate and hard fusible non-metallic materials 6
Elective course 4  Electrical chemistry production technology  
Theoretical electrical chemistry 11
Applied electrical chemistry 13
Corrosion and protection of metals 10
Equipment of electrical chemistry production 6