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“Aerial robotics” educational and research center is an engineering facility for the inclusion and development of specialties targeting defense reinforcement, implementation of modern educational and research programs by students and young scientists at HEIs, as well as for having all the equipment and tools that are in line with international standards.

The location area of this facility (about 600 square meters) is fully renovated, having all the necessary conditions for both educational and research functions to be duly organized and implemented on high level.

The center-laboratory is especially equipped with the motion capture systems and corresponding software elaborated by the famous and unsurpassed Vicon, a leading English company with its Vicon Motion Capture System.

Vicon complex designed for aerial robotics laboratories contain Vero V2.2 20 optical cameras, that work in the infrared circuit, special Vicon Mocap work station, powerful computers for digital signal processing etc., that are located in a special area and provide a large-scale servicing of work area with 10m*10m*3m surface. That system enables to capture in real-time a number of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) functioning on the work area and movements of other mechanical objects with accuracy of millimeters and can significantly accelerate the design and construction processing of miscellaneous UAVs and processes of research experiments.

The special work station of Vicon Mocap processes the obtained signals from the studied object in real time.

Real-time moving object (as well as work circuit) 3-D model is the depicting of the nodes.

Parameters characterizing the movement of that model are constantly sent to the applied computer or computers, i.e. those computers where future actions concerning those models of moving objects will be carried out.

The opportunities of the center create the prerequisites for the complete implementation of the bachelor’s and master’s programs in respective professional directions.