How can modern moods change the language thinking? The scientific conference entitled “The Impact of Globalization on the Russian Language” was held at the Polytechnic University

In 2023, within the frames of the year dedicated to the Russian language as the language of international communication in CIS countries, a series of events dedicated to Russian were held in various Armenian universities and educational institutions. The National Polytechnic University of Armenia has also been included in this program of events. While underlining the study, development and dissemination of the Russian language, literature, and culture in Armenia, a conference entitled “The Impact of Globalization on the Russian Language” was organized at NPUA Chair of Russian, supervised by the head of the chair Luiza Sargsyan.

Representatives of other universities also took part in the conference, namely, Head of the Russian Language and Teaching Methodology Department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, PhD in Linguistics, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Naira Dalyan, as well as Armine Vahanyan, an associate professor of the Chair of English at Brusov State University and not only. Participants addressed the issues of the field from a scientific standpoint, and attempted to find answers to a number of issues discussed.

According to Luiza Sargsyan, during the coming year, many more events will be held at the chair, which will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Polytechnic University and it has been launched with this event.

The participants of the conference introduced their reports, discussed issues related to the impact of globalization on the Russian language, language policy in the post-Soviet area and some other issues were tackled. Specialists from different universities also discussed the role of dynamically developing language in the changing world and how modern moods can change the language thinking, as well as affect people’s lifestyle and language.