Computer video game development and maintenance services: representatives of “Sperasoft Armenia” company have met the students of the Polytechnic University

NPUA Labor Market Research and Professional Career Center has organized a meeting with the representatives of “Sperasoft Armenia” Company to increase students’ competitiveness and awareness. Sperasoft is a leading computer video game development company that works in close cooperation with the world’s leading publishers and provides all the necessary resources in the process of designing AAA games.

The company also provides maintenance services for already released games: update management, development of new levels, content and functionality, maintenance, as well as collaboration with players.

Henrik Muradyan, the leading software developer of “Sperasoft Armenia” Company, has lectured on “Unreal Engine 5” for the students of the Institute of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Electronics of the Polytechnic University.

He introduced the Unreal Engine 5 ecosystem, including an interactive lecture in line with code demo. NPUA students had an opportunity to get acquainted with Unreal Engine 5, one of the most popular and promising game engines currently operating.

The event was useful and engaging not only for programmers, but also for 3D artists, animators and game designers, as well as for any young people interested in games. Back in September, the representatives of the company also had meetings with the students of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Transport Systems and Design.

At the end of the meeting, there was an open discussion and exchange of opinions. Denis Lopantsev, director of “Sperasoft Erevan” studio, introduced scholarship opportunities for the students provided by the company as well as answered to the questions posed.