Invitation to participate in the tender for the purchase of scientific equipment to equip scientific centers with modern equipment

Invitation to participate in the tender for the purchase of scientific equipment to equip scientific centers with modern equipment

In order to equip the scientific centers with modern equipment, the RA Science Committee (hereinafter, the Committee) organizes tender for the purchase of scientific devices/equipment based on the order N 2348-A/2 of the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia as of December 12, 2022.

An application to participate in the competition (hereinafter, the Application) is submitted by state scientific organizations or universities (hereinafter, the Organization) included in the main funding program for scientific and scientific and technical activities from the state budget of the Republic of Armenia, in line with Appendix No. 1 of this invitation, either in printed or electronic version.

The printed version of the application is submitted with the written application of the supervisor of the applicant organization (appendix No. 2 of this invitation) to: Yerevan, Orbeli Brothers 22, 7th floor, room 708.

The electronic version of the application is submitted in Microsoft Word Document (.docx) format to the Committee’s email address [email protected].

The deadline for application submission is February 24, 2023.

The application must include at least one recommendation for device/equipment shared usage. In that case, the application should be submitted by the organization where the scientific device/equipment will be located, and the justification(s) of the beneficiary organization(s) about the need for the given device/equipment should be attached.

No co-financing offer is done for the purchase of the device/equipment.

The application will only cover the amount necessary to purchase the device/equipment, without the training or any other costs for maintenance specialists.

The relevant price offer is attached to the application.

A competition (evaluation) commission (hereinafter, the Commission) is established to evaluate the applications.

Applications that satisfy the tender conditions are submitted to the Commission for evaluation purposes.

The Commission can make a recommendation on the priority of applications’ consideration as well as, if deemed necessary, return the application for further revision.

The Commission evaluates the necessity of the device/equipment for the organization’s scientific and scientific and technical activities, model choice, comparison with analogues, mechanisms of shared usage, operating costs and their cost-covering possibilities, possible income, the justification of participation of interested organizations, the calendar plan and qualitative and quantitative indicators of the results for the next 3 years, as well as the presence of specialists with experience working with the device/equipment in the organization, by filling out the assessment form (Appendix N 3 of this competition invitation).

Taking into account the overall assessment of each application, the Commission compiles a ranking list of the applications in descending order, and based on the evaluation results concludes on the expediency to purchase the device/equipment.

In case of equal points allocated, preference is given to the application where the number of interested organizations is greater, and in the case of equality of the latter, the Commission visits the applicant organization, gets acquainted with the state of its logistics base and availability of relevant specialists on-site, and then gives an appropriate conclusion.

The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia approves the list of devices/equipment to be purchased, based on the amount of allocation for the implementation of “equipping scientific centers with modern equipment and establishment of shared usage of scientific equipment centers” from the state budget of the Republic of Armenia.

The Committee organizes the purchasing process of scientific devices/equipment in accordance with the RA Law “On Purchases”. If necessary, the organization participates in the procurement process.

The purchased device/equipment is provided by the Committee to the applicant organization under the contract.

The organization designs procedure(s) for shared usage of the purchased devices, publishes information about the technical characteristics of the device and the application possibilities on the official website of the organization.

Every 12 months after the purchase of the scientific device/equipment, the organization submits a current ‘annual’ report to the Committee, and after 36 months – a final report (hereinafter, the Report).

The report should contain information on the organizations and groups that participated in the utilization of the device/equipment, as well as the volume, nature of the performed works, and the results obtained (publications, conferences, the use of innovative capacity, management of the intellectual property, etc.).

Based on the reports, the Commission makes its conclusion.

In case of failure to submit a report or a negative conclusion of the Commission regarding the latter, the Committee may change the location of the device/equipment.

Additional information and consultations regarding the competition can be obtained from the Organization of Scientific Activity Department of the RA Science Committee by calling 010-210-140 (*113; *116).


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