“Minds join in the Universe”: the Tandem of the Universe and Marat Muradyan

“Minds join in the Universe”: the Tandem of the Universe and Marat Muradyan

December 28 is the Remembrance Day of a prominent scientist, engineer and teacher Marat Muradyan.

His name was not known in previously huge and powerful country as the scientist worked in the sphere of Defense.  But his contribution to the science and technology development is really colossal that is a fact.

Marat Muradyan has managed to find solutions to the most dead-end technical problems and become a pioneer by demonstrating his quick wits and finding the most real and correct way out from everything.  “He was named ‘a clever Armenian’ by the Minister of USSR Electronic Industry B.G. Kolesnikov.

For his contribution to reinforcement of country’s defense he was awarded the gratitude of USSR Minister of Defense and the Chairman of USSR Board of Ministers A. N. Kosigin has awarded him the Lenin award as the highest USSR award for his prominent achievements in science and art.

His principle “If you want peace then take arms up” is topical today as well. Marat Muradyan was born in Yerevan in 1935, to the family of ASSR prominent statesman. He dreamed about music and learnt to play cello. The prominent conductor K. S. Sarajev has forecast a great future for him. But his dreams did not come true due to the war. Marat got interested in radio engineering, and has won in country-wide amateur radio competitions.

In 1958, after graduating from YPI, faculty of electrical engineering, he started to work at ERNIIM. In 1961 he moved to Moscow where till 1968 he worked at Moscow Science Research Institute of Radio Engineering, in secret defense enterprises, in post boxes 113, 2435 as a leading engineer. Minister of USSR Electronic Industry B. G. Kolesnikov was very respectful towards Mr. Muradyan and ordered to provide all necessary conditions to carry out all his activities. According to laws of those times, all employees of the Science Research Institute including Doctors of Sciences, prominent scientists, were sent to harvest works, besides Mr. Muradyan, as the leadership thought that Mr. Muradyan had better deal with new developments and new designs.

In 1968, Mr. Muradyan was appointed in Yerevan as Deputy Director and chief engineer for Science of the Scientific and Research Institute of Microelectronics. The words of his dad who has died at an early age “Come back and work for the sake of the motherland” were decisive for him.

Karen Demirtschyan, expressing his gratitude to Mr. Muradyan for coming back from Moscow and wishing him all successes in the new sphere, finalized with the words: “We need such people in the Central Committee. We should work at the Central Committee based on your work criteria”. The answer of Mr. Muradyan was a complete surprise for the head of the Republic being ‘God forbid’. Mr. Demirtchyan responded in sarcasm: “Mr. Cholahyan, where have you found him?” The scientist used to refuse of attractive offers in terms of material benefits and career opportunities thus being devoted to science. He was brave, honest, and principled and used to say all he thought and continued the way he has already chosen.

As the chief engineer, another his quality was revealed, that of being an excellent manager. During years of his leadership (1968-1987), NITIM has become the center of Microelectronics. Many young specialists were recruited on competitive basis and the number of employees has significantly increased. Due to his authority, he provided means to develop the Armenian science and for the implementation of programs in the Republic.

In mid 1970s, Marat Muradyan has met his love, Svetlana Makaryan, a physiologist, cytologist and embryologist. At that time, he was finishing his doctoral dissertation, and was highly respected and used to be friends with the greatest biologists of the Soviet time period.

The couple Muradyan and Makaryan has received many offers from foreign countries to work there but they always refused. “We cannot live outside Armenia”.  They stayed to live and work in their motherland and have overcome all the difficulties together with the Armenian nation.

Marat Muradyan has authored more than 40 scientific works and had received several copyrights. From 1970, he was a member and Vice President of a number of Union-wide and Republic-wide Scientific Councils. Representatives of scientific and creative community used to visit the house of Muradyan-Makaryan couple. Postgraduates and young scientists pointed out that the house has become a unique university for them where they would become ‘infected’ with new scientific ideas and get some assistance.

In 2003, after returning from the University of Ohio (USA), Mr. Muradyan established the Automatic Identification Laboratory with the assistance of the benefactor, former President of “Intermek” huge organization M. Ohanyan.

Special courses based on the laboratory were carried out for the best bachelor, master and postgraduate students and a year later he established the specialty “Barcode and automation identification”.

In 2003 he was awarded the Certificate of Honor of RA President. In 2009 he was awarded a Certificate of Gratitude from AIDC 100 World Council, an organization that controls automated identification works all over the world. In 2019, together with Shushi Technological University, M. Muradyan designed a diaphragmograph, a device that is unique in the world.

At the same time, he has founded scientific production AID Lab of medical devices where they improved the cardiograph and diaphragmograph, and where they plan to produce those devices.

After the unexpected death of Svetlana Rubenovna, he got ill. The disease he fought against about a year, while also trying to provide more time to work activities and lecturing, but…

On December 28, 2021 Marat Muradyan unfortunately passed away. He has accomplished his last flight to the eternity of the Space to join his beloved wife as told by Flannery O’Connor “Minds join in the Universe” or “Everything that rises must converge”.