Engineering and technological achievements in Teryan 105: new successes of the scientific year of the Polytechnic University

Engineering and technological achievements in Teryan 105: new successes of the scientific year of the Polytechnic University

The annual scientific achievements of the Polytechnic University are huge: from financial flows, international publications to new infrastructures.  Remarkable researches were done that were addressed at different conferences all over the world. The only engineering university of Armenia during the year has won grants to carry out scientific and research works and has signed Memorandum of Cooperation with other institutions. In 2022, 42 programs financed by the state were carried out at the university: 18 were directed for the maintenance and development of infrastructures (basic scientific laboratories), 24 were thematic (grant based) and other programs (assistance to young scientific workers, research of postgraduate students, international cooperation, establishment of distance laboratories etc.), the total financing of which were 84% more than in the previous year.

The basic financing has also increased by 25%. And the financing of thematic grants has increased by 140%.

“Intra-university scientific grant provision regulation” has been approved by the Scientific Council of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and was ratified by the order of the Rector Gor Vardanyan. The university has announced an intra-university grant competition on “Innovative researches to obtain applicable results”.

NPUA Rector has ratified the “Regulation of payment of bonuses to the employees of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia for their scientific publications”. According to this regulation, 30 employees of the university will get bonuses.

The annual conference of the university was held in November 2022 and 155 presentations by 285 authors have been done. 25 out of 36 authors were from other organizations namely, from RA HEIs, Scientific and Research Institutes of RA NAS as well as from foreign countries –from Russia, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany. University scientists have published around 300 scientific papers, and our specialists have received 17 patents for their inventions.

20 issues of RA NAS and NPUA Newsletter Technical Sciences series and NPUA Messenger journal were published. In 2022, NPUA Messenger collection of scientific articles was published in 2 parts.

The scientometric indicators of the university have improved in international scientific databases (Web of Science, Scopus, РИНЦ):  H-index has become 22 in the Web of Science (20 was in the previous year), number of papers has increased by 32 in Scopus, number of authors – by 21, number of papers in РИНЦ has increased by 179, g-index is 21, previously being 19. The university takes part in Erasmus+ ARMDOCT program, in the project that addresses an urgent need in Reforming Doctoral Education in Armenia with the emphasis on policy, legal framework (including by-laws) and institutional procedures supporting integrative and internationally-oriented doctoral studies involving universities, research institutions and industry.   The Polytechnic University has won the program of assistance and consultation in the process of participation in competitions of ‘Horizon Europe’ program and received two-month assistance from European experts for the formulation of the application to take part in Horizon Europe 2022 competition. We have applied for the program “Innovation and Research” activities.

The university has attracted 6 partners as coordinator: 3 are from France and one partner from Spain, Georgia and Slovenia. Innovation service center has organized visits and courses in the Scientific Laboratory for the students in their third and fourth year of the Institute of Transport and Design, from the Chairs of Design, Engineering Graphics, Mechanics and Machine-learning, Machine-building technology and automation, and Vehicles as well as for the participants of the summer school of energetics. The innovation service center took part and presented the university in different scientific and technological events, for example, STARMUS VI International Festival,  ‘Look around’ Scientific festival organized by RosAtom and not only.