New content and innovative solutions: a new laboratory has been established at Polytechnic University Vanadzor branch

AEF Deep Engineering Educational Laboratory has been established at Vanadzor branch of NPUA with the partnership of Gyumri Information Technology Center.

The new laboratory is fully renovated and equipped with computer and engineering devices. Similar laboratory is already functioning at Gyumri branch of the Polytechnic University.

The program at NPUA Gyumri branch enables High School pupils of Shirak province to acquire deep knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Engineering and they can create smart solutions with the obtained knowledge including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Machines.

Buggy machine has lately been introduced to the public designed within the frames of the program. AEF Deep Engineering Educational Laboratory will assist youth from Vanadzor to deepen their knowledge in technological education sphere. The new laboratory was established with the assistance of Armenian Relief Fund especially thanks to the financial investment of American Armenian benefactors Ara and Valeri Cherchyan.

At the opening ceremony of the new laboratory, the Polytechnic University Rector Gor Vardanyan highlighted that successes in higher education are the result of the potential shaped by the general education. The new laboratory undoubtedly will enable schoolchildren to develop new skills in the spheres of design and programming.

“Such laboratories solve two basic problems: the problems of the environment and content. We have solved the content section of the environment with our partners and we should solve the problem of effective transfer of knowledge together with our specialists.” – Gor Vardanyan pointed out. The Rector also attaches importance to the daily attention paid to the provincial institutions. It is essential that the engineering education evenly develops in provinces as well. Eventually, the Polytechnic University solves the problems starting from the general education to higher education. The aim is the preparation of competitive employees for the labor market. But this does not imply the necessity for the students to leave their region. They should stay there and develop the technological environment with their operations.

“We have a tradition to establish an innovative laboratory every month for some specific specialty. This is not a single-minded desire as it is done based on the partnerships with the private sector as the problems in the private sector are shared with us and can be solved at the university with the involvement of high quality specialists” – NPUA Rector pointed out.

Managing Director of GITC Amalya Yeghoyan pointed out that boys participating in AEF engineering education program, as a result of skills obtained during two years, were included in special technological units of the Armenian Army.

“This is our third engineering laboratory after Gyumri and Parakar. It is essential that the schoolchildren are motivated to take part in the program, they combine the programming and engineering knowledge and their team work in the project results in smart products” – Amalya Yeghoyan pointed out. The duration of the program is 2 years and is for the schoolchildren from High Schools.