Applications for the first stage of admission to the universities will be accepted by ATC from December 15 to 25

Ministry of ESCS informs that ATC starts the first stage of the application process for 2023 university admission of graduates of 2022-2023 academic year starting from December 15.

Final exams

In order to take part in state final exams the graduate should send the application in written form to the director of the educational institution till December 10.

List of applicants to pass state final exams should be sent by the director to ATC, to its email [email protected]  from December 15 to 30.

Unified Exams

In order to participate in the unified exam, the graduate (applicant) should fill in the application online at website, mentioning maximum 2 unified exams.

Graduates of the academic year 2022-2023 from vocational specialized institutions, general education schools as well as graduates from the previous years and foreigners, or RA citizens from foreign educational institutions should apply to their residential place and the director of the educational institution attached to that area.

List of separated educational institutions is attached.

Necessary documents are:

Electronic photo (3 x 4),

Copy of the passport or certificate of birth,

Proof of 4500 AMD payment for every exam to be passed, account number 900018003401 of RA Ministry of Finance, Assessment and Testing Center.

Redemption of unified exams payment concerns:

People that completed their military service,

Disabled people of the 1st and 2nd group and up to 18 years old disabled people,

Children of servicemen killed during the defense of Armenia,

People till 23 left without parental care.

They should also attach proof of the reasons to get redemption from the fee.

Applications for the first stage exams of university admission are accepted from December 15 till December 25.