DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service study programs were presented at the Polytechnic University

DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service study programs were presented at the Polytechnic University

How can we study in Germany and get scholarship? Director of the regional office of the German Academic Exchange Service is in Armenia to present the new study programs developed by the German government to university students, lecturers and scientists. Gebhard Reul starts his series of meetings from National Polytechnic University of Armenia while presenting a separate package for engineering and technological specialties. As he observes, the geography of educational possibilities is extensive.

“We are here to present the frames of opportunities that will allow the students to apply for scholarship without any fear that is offered by the German academic exchange service. Thousands of students from the whole world travel to study in German universities. Many students and scientists have also applied for this program and received its assistance” – Gebhard Reul pointed out.

Academic service is for everybody, be that a student, master’s student, post-graduate or scientist. Every year, German universities carry out several thousand student exchange programs. German Academic Exchange Service, widely known as DAAD, as observed by the Vice-rector for Internationalization and Reforms of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia Sargis Asatryants assists the internationalization process of the universities.

“We prioritize the financing possibilities from German government. First of all, the possibility for our students in the context of exchanges to get education in German universities from 6 months till one year with double diploma programs is a priority for us” – Asatryants pointed out.

DAAD is the only scholarship providing organization in Armenia that encourages participation of students and scientists from all spheres. It was back in 1990 when Armenian students received scholarships.  More than 2500 Armenian students and scientists had a chance to get scholarship. The German government provides finance for summer schools, master’s and doctoral works as well.

It does not mean to stay in Germany when you study there, as was specially pointed out by Gebhard Reul. They should all return to their homeland with new knowledge to assist their country development.

He pointed out that from 1925 onwards, DAAD assisted more than 2 million university population all over the world. More than 100000 students, researchers and scientists get assistance annually by means of scholarship and cooperation programs.