NPUA Rector: “Idea has power if it is realized in life”. The best idea of the program “The Power of Idea 2” is known

NPUA Rector: “Idea has power if it is realized in life”. The best idea of the program “The Power of Idea 2” is known

“The Power of Idea 2” program aims to create a platform that will enable to unite students sharing the same ideas that will talk about problems and find solutions jointly.

Within the frames of the agenda, topics of the speakers were: Understanding the idea “We” or “I am the state”. They addressed mistakes of student life during the speech and spoke how to efficiently manage time.

At the end of the three-day program, prize was awarded for the best idea to the team “Some people”.

Rector of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia Gor Vardanyan personally gave the prize to the winning students.

While congratulating the Student Council and students, the rector pointed out that idea generation is extremely important for the establishment of university of future.

Gor Vardanyan pointed out that the idea has power if it is realized in reality. ”I am willing to meet the Student Council members in the nearest future and exchange ideas so that this event does not bear just a formal character. It depends on all of us if the ideas can become a reality or not” – Gor Vardanyan pointed out.

“Your role during the reforms of our programs is very unique and I would like this event not to be just one but to be a program creating content. I am delighted that the Polytechnic University has students with modern mentality. University leadership will always be next to you, no matter if these problems are educational or personal.  We are ready to face any problems” – the rector said.

After discussions with the President of the Student Council, Gor Vardanyan announced that it is not enough to give the certificate to the winning team. The rector announced that university leadership at the session of the Rector’s Office will discuss the question to award team members nominal scholarships.

“The Power of Idea”,  program of training of public project management has been organized by NPUA Student Council for the second time. More than 200 students have already participated in the event.