Specialties of the future or why enter the Polytechnic University

Specialties of the future or why enter the Polytechnic University

It is high time…

Have you ever heard about the profession “intellectual powder counselor”?  Not yet? You could have never heard about it as it does not still exist. It is profession of the future that will appear in the labor market in the coming 20-30 years. What we currently perceive sounds as if taken from fantasy novels, according to specialists, but it will soon become the most demanding profession.

Situation on the labor market changes year by year and reputable specialties did not interest anybody 5 years ago. Some specialists are being replaced by technological machines and the individuals have to understand their place in the specialties of the future.

Unexplainable technological world 

The latest technologies will enable us to create dozens of new specialties or revive many professions that are a real challenge in everybody’s life.  We should ask ourselves: where is Armenia in the programs of future professions? It is common knowledge that engineering education is the leader of today and tomorrow.

Let us start from the beginning…

Profession choice is an important stage in a person’s life. Parents always advise their children to choose their future profession taking into account “fashionable” universities without paying attention to its content. Applicants often decide to connect their life with their preferred job that they really enjoy.  But there is another way as well: the person without knowing chooses the specialty chosen by their parents. Therefore, there are too many bank employees, lawyers, economists, psychologists…

However paradoxical it may seem, currently these directions are not preferred or desired as profession of the future. It can even seem odd, but time can come that they will not be necessary any more.

Today in the forgotten future

Let us return to the future, to Armenia. Which ones will be full specialties that have independence, high income, opportunity to fly – into the Space? Nowadays, the most demanding professions are programming, robotics, cyber security, alternative energy, biomedicine, bioengineering – unending series of engineering professions are offered by the National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

You have heard about the engineering cradle, haven’t you?

It is time to go in line with the Polytechnic University

 National Polytechnic University of Armenia is the legal successor of State Engineering University of Armenia and Karl Marx Yerevan Polytechnic Institute that was established in 1933 with its 2 faculties and 107 students. The Institute developed together with the industrialization of Armenia and in 1980–1985 it reached its development peak thus becoming the biggest higher educational institution of Armenia and one of the leading engineering schools of the Soviet Union.

Large-scale reforms are being implemented at National Polytechnic University of Armenia, both its study programs and improvement of its infrastructures, increase of quality scientific and research activities. From September 2022, the university will have new curriculum that will enable future engineers to get high quality, targeted education.

Space instrumentation, data science, block chain technologies and this row is unending.  Besides, current study programs are reviewed that are not relevant in the context of modern education. Therefore, changes in curriculum are being done by reviewing subject lists which will enable to organize high quality education process.

Scientific research production complex at the Polytechnic University

 The next important change is the establishment of scientific research production complex. NPUA Rector Gor Vardanyan pointed out that the precise project has already been designed. The establishment of the complex will give every scientist convenient environment where it will be possible to realize the knowledge, carry out new research by making the results be used in real life. 

It is planned to increase the efficiency of the main scientific research laboratories, and understand the main problems. And the university will have its participation in all these processes funding it all. Currently, postgraduates need assistance in terms of excellent laboratory conditions, toolset and finance.

Technological education shift from Yerevan to provinces

 The university strives to make the technological education available in provinces. It is of utmost importance that Yerevan headquarters of the university assists the development of study programs of branches of the provinces, the best lecturers of Yerevan will also teach in provinces.

The establishment of engineering laboratories in provinces is essential.  The university signed a Memorandum with the Information Technology Center of Gyumri and engineering laboratories are being established in the provinces with the assistance of benefactors. It has already been established in Gyumri and the next ones will be in Vanadzor and Kapan. Works will be carried out in other provinces as well and engineering laboratories are open for schoolchildren.

There is a program of big changes resulting in the establishment of Sports Complex with modern solutions, building conditions, university policlinic, food complex, High school with all its infrastructures. These programs are not in the far future. Some projects are already designed and the practical works will start in the nearest future.

Are you ready to join our flight into the engineering Space?