All4R&D project working meeting in Ruhr University

All4R&D project working meeting in Ruhr University

The second workshop and 3rd management meeting of All4R&D project took place from December 1-4 in Ruhr University (Bochum).

The implemented functions, the status of creation of research and development unit, established collaborations, created methodologies and directions of development by the partner universities during the first year of the project realization were presented and discussed.

Gevorg Margarov head of department of “Information security and software” of Institute of ICTE and Amalya Mkhitaryan Deputy director of Institute of ICTE represented National Polytechnic University of Armenia in the event.

The aim of the All4R&D project is to accelerate research, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Armenia through enhancing strategic academia-industry alliances. Duration of project 36 months (2018-2021).

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