PICASA   “Promoting Internationalization of HEI’s in Eastern Neighborhood Countries Through Cultural and Structural Adaptation”   

PICASA is a TEMPUS project funded by the European Union, active in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine. PICASA was created to promote recognition of Eastern Neighboring Area HE systems through development and integration of internationalization dimensions into structural and cultural components of HEIs management.  The main objectives of the project are:

  • Integration of international dimension into teaching, learning and research functions of universities through developing and implementing respective policies and procedures;
  • Identification and development of skills, attitudes and knowledge in students, faculty and staff to promote internationalization;
  • Development of ethos and culture that values and supports intercultural and international perspectives, initiatives and their quality assurance

Project schedule:

  • Qualification rising of the staff of the departments, engaged in the international affairs of the universities and lecturers;
  • Development of educational-methodological materials, directed to the international activities of the universities;
  • Revising of roles and functions of the units, providing the international activities at the universities;
  • Development of principles and strategies of internationalization of universities;
  • Identification of educational programs with the principles of internationalization;
  • Creation of information campaigns, which should be aimed at the dissemination of project results;
  • To ensure the sustainability of the project;
  • Project management and quality assurance.


Expected results:

  • Universities of the European Eastern Partnership region have rules and processes that contribute to the internalization of teaching, learning and research activities;
  • The academic programs of the member universities are reviewed with the aim of introducing components of internationalization, as well as student and researchers’ exchange;
  • Employees of the faculties and departments of international cooperation gain new knowledge;
  • Quality standards for effective management of internationalization processes are introduced;
  • The member universities form a special culture and traditions relevant to the international and intercultural perspectives and initiatives.

The main activities carried out during this period at NPUA are:

Project Coordinator: Alexander Markarov

The total budget of the project  –  1,065,867.68 euros

Start of the project – 2013

Completion of the project–2016

Project Local Coordinatore: Ruben Aghgashyan

        Prof. of NPUA, Vice-rector

        e-mail: rubag@seua.am