The NPUA 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is developed by the Strategic Planning Committee of NPUA based on the critical analysis of the implementation results of the previous strategic plan and impacts of external and internal environmental factors.

A University performance evaluation study has been performed prior to the strategic planning by using key performance indicators (KPI) selected for the key performance areas of the University.

Then, a cross-impact analysis between the external and internal environmental factors and KPIs has been performed to identify strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats of the University (SWOT).

These studies have enabled to evaluate adequately the influence of environmental changes on different aspects of the University performance and to align the future development of the University with the needs and changes of its internal and external environments.

The Structure of Strategic Plan

  • Introduction
  • University Mission Statement
  • The University Today
  • University Vision Statement
  • University’s Values
  • The Strategic Goals and Objectives of the University Development and the Main Strategies for their Realization
  • Summary
  • Annexes

University Mission Statement

National Polytechnic University of Armenia is an engineering oriented higher educational institution whose mission is:

  • To support maximally the increase and strengthening of the economic competitiveness, security and defense capacity of Republic of Armenia by forming highly qualified engineering workforce and creating innovative ideas and advanced technologies;
  • To create and implement educational and research projects maximally consistent with the needs of the country’s economy and the educational and technological needs of the society, and deliver related services;
  • To prepare the students for the future activity, the purposeful choice of their career and the professional progress able to adopt and operate efficiently in the constantly changing social and economic environment;
  • To create a supportive environment for comprehensive and harmonic development of each individual and generation of a law-abiding citizen committed to national and universal values.

Selections for the University Vision Statement

Committed to its Mission the University aspires to become:

  • an internationally recognized research university, which has an essential role in the national and regional programs of economic development and technological innovation,
  • a leading regional center of engineering education which offers high-quality scientific and educational programs and ensures their global competitiveness by integrating the academic process, scientific research and innovative approaches,
  • a university whose admission and educational resources are accessible to diverse social and age groups of learners, to both local and international students,
  • a university which is guided by a global perspective and moves towards all-round internationalization of its activities and complete participation in the processes of international integration.

University’s Values

During its 84-year history the University has created some stable values and traditions, which united several generations of the faculty and students and defined its unique “Polytechnic” character.

  • Polytechnic Roots and Polytechnic Orientation
  • The Student’s Success and Satisfaction is the Mirror of the University’s Success
  • The Unique Role and the Social Responsibility of the University
  • The University as an Ethical Model for the Students and Environment
  • Open University Community, Shared Responsibility and Governance
  • Quality of Education by European Standards.

The Main Strategic Targets of NPUA Development in 2016-2020

  • Stable Student Body
  • High Quality Education
  • Innovative Science
  • Decentralized Management
  • Integrity and Anti-corruption Environment
  • Financial Stability
  • Contemporary Infrastructure
  • Expanding Partnership Relations
  • All-round internationalization

The Main Stream of NPUA Internationalization

The revised vision statement of NPUA

To become internationally recognized university and regional leader in engineering education and technical sciences.

Targets of New Internationalization Strategy of NPUA:

  1. Further extended inclusion of NPUA into the main stream of international academic cooperation with the emphasis on integration in EHEA and ERA.
  2. Promoting international visibility and reputation of NPUA, stakeholders’ engagement and international income generation.
  3. Providing necessary institutional/organizational framework, infrastructure and resources for the internalization of NPUA in line with the defined strategic aims and objectives.

All-around Internationalization and Growing International Integration Processes

To ensure the all-round internationalization of the University activities, broaden the frames of its international recognition and stimulate the continuous involvement of the University in the international integration processes of science and education.


To broaden and diversify the University’s international relations, the international mobility opportunities for the students and the faculty, initiate a continuous internationalization process of the University’s educational programs.


To develop and implement a multi-phase program of restoring the international students enrolment at the University.


To develop the University’s international scientific cooperation, its involvement in the international R&D programs, consortiums and science information networks.


To reach the University’s broader international recognition and increasing international reputation, initiate the continuous involvement of NPUA in the international integration processes of science and education.


To develop the necessary institutional-organizational framework for the all-round internationalization of the University.

Indicators for the Assessment of the Progress over 5years

Adopted 5-year policy and activity plan for the University internationalization:

  • Increase of number of active international partnerships,
  • Number of double degree Master programs implemented with leading European and CIS Universities,
  • Increase of number of students and faculty involved in mobility programs,
  • Number of study programs and elective courses offered in English or Russian,
  • Number of foreign students studying at NPUA,
  • Number of NPUA students studying at foreign Universities,
  • Membership (participation) of the University in international organizations, networks and consortiums,
  • Number of projects implemented in the frames of international cooperation programs (Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, etc. ),
  • Improved organizational structure and resources for the management of the internationalization processes at NPUA,
  • A set of key performance indicators (KPI) implemented for the assessment of the internationalization.

Peculiarities of Strategic Plan

  • The Plan outlines where the University intends to be in 2020 facing challenges of the time, and realizing the opportunities given in this 5-year period.
  • The Plan will «work» and its goals and objectives will be achieved, if they are accepted by the whole University community and unify its efforts.
  • The shared vision of the University’s future and commitment to its creation are the main prerequisites for the success.
  • As for the implementation of the Strategic Plan, it should be noted that it is not a rigid development program; it is iterative in essence and subject to current changes in response to the unforeseen environmental changes.
  • Environmental changes can bring about new opportunities and challenges to be responded to, as well as new external threats to be overcome by the University.