“RETHINKe’’- Reform of Education Thru International Knowledge Exchange

Project number: 544178-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-PT-TEMPUS-JPCR

Grant Agreement: 2013-5076


The aim of the program is to review the Master and PhD academic curricula in the field of Environmental Protection and to develop respective programs cooperating with partner universities of different countries to obtain Double Degree diplomas.



A corresponding computer classroom equipped with 12 computers and with all the materials related to “RETHINK” program was created in NPUA.




Technical English training courses are being conducted both for teachers and students in the frame of “RETHINK” project.

Unit 1: Education: 

1.                     Reading- World University Ranking

2.                     Speaking-Education Conversation Starters

3.                     Photo- motivational Texts

4.                     Listening Activities

5.                     Grammar: Auxiliary verbs


Unit 2: Personalities:

1.                     Reading- Different Eye Colors And What They Say                                                  About You

2.                     Speaking- Personality Conversation Starters:                                                            Independent Speaking

3.                     Describing Personality (Vocabulary)

4.                     Team work-Dialogues

5.                     Grammar: English Tenses

Unit 3: Food

1.                     Reading- Food Festivals

2.                     Food Adjectives:

3.                     Team Work- Healthy Food Recipes

4.                     Grammar: Prepositions, Articles

Unit 4: Travelling & Tourism

1.                     Reading- Understanding Tourism

2.                     Speaking- Be a Better Traveler: Integrated Speaking

3.                     Team work- Unusual Hotels Worth Being (PPT)

4.                     Grammar: Gerunds: Conditionals: Exceptions







Different meetings have been organized to discuss the issues and objectives of the program:

  • National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia
  • Armenian National Agrarian University
  • Armenian State Pedagogical University
  • Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences



Booklets both in Armenian and English as well as a guidebook for international students have been published.





In November 2015 a meeting was held at National Polytechnic University of Armenia with the project participants to present already done work and to discuss further activities. The participants of the meeting got acquainted with the strategy and activities of the university and visited interesting places of the country.





One Master student (Tatevik Baghdasaryan) in the frame of the project studied a year at Coruna University and successfully defended her thesis both at Coruna University and National Polytechnic University of Armenia and received a Double Degree diploma.



23Two manuals have been published in English for international students


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Cooperation framework agreement between the university of Coruna and NPUA for the joint supervision of doctoral Theses.

The candidate from NPUA side has already submitted her documents and will start working from September of this academic year (2017).