Development of Embedded System Courses with implementation of Innovative Virtual approaches for integration of Research, Education and Production in UA, GE, AM


The aim: To develop Embedded System Courses for integration of Research, Education and Production in UA, GE and AM.

Wider Objectives:

  • To change the theoretical type of learning in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia to practice-oriented competence-based approach.
  • To speed up integration between Higher Educational Institutes and business in target countries.
  • To establish cooperation between EU and target countries in education and research.

Specific Project Objectives:

  • To create practice-oriented curricula and modules in Embedded Systems, with the learning support of dedicated embedded hardware for lab exercises.
  • To create remote and virtual laboratories in Embedded System in UA, GE, AM for distance and e-learning.
  • To form the competences necessary for the Labor Market in Embedded Systems, being technical knowledge and expertise and soft skills.
  • To provide lab infrastructure for CAM/CAD/CAE.
  • To establish interactive Wiki-based project management tools and an electronic learning environment.
  • To disseminate knowledge gained to external stakeholders, like private enterprises, public entities and employment agencies.


Thomas More University College (BE) –

Ilmenau University of Technology (GE)-

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (SK)-

Zaporizhzhya National Technical University (UA)-

Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University (UA)-

Donbass State Engineering Academy (UA)-

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (UA)-

National Polytechnic University of Armenia (AM)-

Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction (AM)-

Yerevan Telecommunication Research Institute CJSC (AM)-

Georgian Technical University (GE)-

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (GE)-

Project Coordinator:  Thomas More University College (BE)

Duration of the project: 36 months 1.12.2013-30.11.2016

Project website:

Responsible persons of the project
Project manager

Amalya Mkhitaryan
Ass. Prof. of SEUA, chair «Control system», ANEL manager

e-mail:,  Tel. (010) 56 63 75

Working Package

Year 1

  • Analysis situation in the countries
  • Prepare Teaching Environmental

Year 2

  • Sharing experience of the European countries
    • Teachers training
    • Access to the EU E-learning environmental
  • Prepare teaching materials in UA/AM/GE

Year 3

  • Pilot teaching
  • Master-Classes in UA/AM/GE
  • Discussing Project Results in the conference “New Teaching Approaches”


WP1                     Analysis of current curricula and competences in Embedded Systems in TC

                             1.1 Analysis of curricula on ECTS for Embedded Systems (ES) stems (ES)

                             1.2 Analysis of competences required at the Labor Market in ES

                             1.3 Conceptual approach to the curricula construction with the usage of the Remote

                              Laboratory on ECTS for Embedded Systems (ES)              

WP2                     Curricula modification and courses development

                             2.1 Curricula/modules “Hardware for ESD”

                             2.2. Curricula/modules “Software for ESD”

                             2.3. Curricula/modules “CAD/CAM/CAE in ESD”

                             2.4. Prepare a set of additional modules

                             2.5. Prepare modules guidebooks in UA/AM/GE/EN

WP3                    Implementing a (virtual) learning environment in ESD engineering. Establishing

                             remote and ESD labs.

                             3.1 Establish LMS platform

                             3.2 Virtual environment adoption in AM/GE/UA

                             3.3 Construction of virtual and remote laboratories

                             3.4 Construction of ESD laboratory

WP4                   Retrain academic teachers on ESD engineering and virtual learning platforms

                             4.1. Retraining in “New teaching approaches in Eng.”

                             4.2. Retraining in “RL for ESD”

                             4.3. Retraining in  “ESD Engineering”

WP5                    Pilot teaching/operation

                             5.1 Master Classes in “ESD” in TC

                             5.2 Master Classes in “RL usage for ESD” in TC

                             5.3 Teaching the teachers and researchers in TC

                             5.4 Educate the pilot student groups in TC

WP6                     Quality Assurance and Quality Control

                             6.1 Establish the Quality Assurance Plan

                             6.2 Inter-Tempus coaching

                             6.3 Monitoring/Evaluation of  processes and products

                             6.4 Assessment at the regional and national level

WP7                    Dissemination and Enterprise Collaboration      

                             7.1 Setup university-enterprise contact group (UECG)

                             7.2 Maintenance dissemination and sustainability

                             7.3 Dissemination in press and media

                             7.4 Dissemination through web resources

                             7.5 Seminars in target HEIs for industry workers

                             7.6 Dissemination to  enterprises

WP8                     Management of the project

                             8.1 Approving plan and establish working bodies

                             8.2 Monitoring plan and budget

                             8.3 Coordination/consortium meetings

                             8.4 Providing final analysis