Tempus is the European Union’s programme which supports the modernisation of higher education in the EU’s surrounding area.  Tempus supports projects aiming to restructure and develop curricula and teaching materials, upgrade teaching facilities, and/or improve university administration in higher education institutions.


PICASA   Promoting Internationalization of HEI’s in Eastern Neighborhood Countries Through Cultural and Structural Adaptation   

PICASA is a TEMPUS project funded by the European Union, active in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine. PICASA was created to promote recognition of Eastern Neighboring Area HE systems through development and integration of internationalization dimensions into structural and cultural components of HEIs management.  The main objectives of the project are:

  • Integration of international dimension into teaching, learning and research functions of universities through developing and implementing respective policies and procedures;
  • Identification and development of skills, attitudes and knowledge in students, faculty and staff to promote internationalization;
  • Development of ethos and culture that values and supports intercultural and international perspectives, initiatives and their quality assurance

It is foreseen that within the project not only HEIs but also participating Ministries of Education and Science from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine will address education and science internationalization in their corresponding documentation.



ESPAQ   Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenian HE 

The project aims to enhance the role of students by engaging them into processes of quality assurance (QA) and enhancement of their learning experience in quality assurance in higher education in Armenia”. During the project visits to partner countries` universities were carried out. Conferences were organized introducing the project`s objectives and expectations to the students of Armenian HEI-s. Trainings were also carried out aimed to raise students’ motivation. The overall goal of the project is to engage the students into processes of quality assurance (QA). Throughout the project NPUA participated and ensured the implementation of all projects in European standards. NPUA students` council had a major role to attract students in the process of quality assurance.


MathGeAr     Modernization of Mathematics Curricula for Engineering and Natural Sciences in South Caucasian Universities by Introducing Modern Educational Technologies

Within the project activities were held planning innovative programs of math education and evaluation (assessment) directions. Students` exchanges were also carried out for one semester.

Within the frameworks of Math-Bridge project technical facilities were also received that are already in use.


DesIRE   Development of Embedded System Courses with Implementation of Innovative Virtual Approaches for

Integration of Research, Education and Production in UA, GE, AM

The aim of the DESIRE project is to change the theoretical type of learning in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia to a practice-oriented competence-based approach.  Within the project seminars and trainings were held on “Technologies for Embadded Systems” and “Programs for Embadded Systems” for cheirs representatives of NPUA. Inter-faculty laboratory of Embadded Systems was opened, which is located in cheir of Electronics of Cybernetics Faculty.  Many visits to different partner countries’ relevant institutions took place.