Erasmus+ KA2

Erasmus+ KA2 (Key Action 2) supports youth in capacity building in higher education, which also promotes collaboration between youth and different organizations active in youth, education, training and other socio-economic sectors.  


MARUEEB     Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings

The project aims to establish and develop a new Master program on “Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings”. During the MARUEEB project new curricula on “ Energy-efficient and Energy-saving Technologies” was developed and presented to the partners of the project. In curricula their suggestions were also taken into consideration. New Master program on “ Energy-efficient and Energy-saving Technologies” was presented to the Academic Board of NPUA, after which NPUA was recommended to apply to the Ministry of Education of RA for including the program in the list of professions


DOCMEN       Development of Two Cycle Innovative Curricula in Microelectronic Engineering

DOCMEN is aimed at modernisation and internationalisation of the HE in microelectronics through innovation of two cycle curricula in line with the new development in the area, the labor market demand.  Its specific two objectives are

  • To develop innovative academic environment for Micro-Nanoelectronics Curricula;
  • To bring the Higher Education Institutions of Partner Countries closer to the Labour Market.

These objectives address the necessity of striking a balance between what is offered in the educational system and what is needed in the sector. 


InnoCENS      Enhancing Innovation Competences and Entrepreneurial Skills in Engineering Education

The project aims to enhance engineering students’ innovation competences and entrepreneurial skills in order to support economic development and creation of new start-ups and new jobs in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan. The specific objective is to develop innovation and entrepreneurship courses for engineering students, introduce innovation pedagogy and competence assessment in teaching and learning, establish 8 innovation centers to support engineering students and staff members in commercialization of innovation ideas.   




eDrone    Educational for Drone

The aim of eDrone proposal is to define a learning environment to deliver more opportunities to access new competences related to the use of drone technologies in professional activities. These new competences refer in particular to the use of advanced ICT solutions for the use of drones and of the data acquired through drones that may go a long way towards the goals and priorities in terms of optimization of the professional competences, that have already been stated in the Social-economic Development Strategy 2020 of all the Parter Countries, and in terms of creating new job opportunities, especially for youth that is strongly encouraged by Europe 2020 strategy as stated in the European Commission Communication “Youth on the Move”.


“RETHINKe’’- Reform of Education Thru International Knowledge Exchange

Project number: 544178-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-PT-TEMPUS-JPCR

Grant Agreement: 2013-5076


The aim of the program is to review the Master and PhD academic curricula in the field of Environmental Protection and to develop respective programs cooperating with partner universities of different countries to obtain Double Degree diplomas.

An agreement has been signed with Coruna University in Spain and Leiria Polytechnic University in Portugal for the preparation of Master students.

According to the agreement with Coruna University students study one year at home university and the second year at the partner university.

According to the agreement with Leiria University students study 3 terms at home university and one term at the partner university.

Master study programs have been developed for the preparation of Joint Master students.