The prospects and strategic necessity of hydrocarbon and agricultural waste treatment in the Republic of Armenia to obtain organic and petroleum products

11 – 13 October 2016






State Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia


National Polytechnic University of Armenia

Engineering Academy of Armenia

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “CSTO  INSTITUTE”

Youth Foundation of Armenia


 An invitation to participate in the conference

The conference will focus on new approaches to help to solve current and future problems, as well as promote the use of efficient technologies, in particular for countries that are not provided with their own energy. It will also discuss the environmental problems of organic wastes.

Works are accepted on the following themes:

  • Basics of producing gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon by processing fuel wastes.
  • Ways of producing fuel by processing of agricultural wastes.
  • Preparation of liquid fuel, construction materials and raw materials for organic synthesis of unproductive fuel sources.
  • Preparation of solid waste fuel by processing and solving market problems.
  • The need of the introduction of innovative technologies for processing organic wastes and solving environmental problems. Creating waste-free technologies.
  • Economic productivity, profitability and geodynamic processes of the proposed technologies.

The languages of the conference are: Armenian, Russian, English.

All submissions will be discussed by the organizing committee, which has the right to select articles.

The deadline for abstract submission is 30 June 2016, NPUA / Foundation / Faculty of “ChemT and EI”. 009 Yerevan, 105 Teryan st., Hasmik Kocharian,

or e-mail:

Abstracts should be submitted in English. The theses materials should be presented according to the following sequence:

  • Name
  • Name of the authors
  • Organization
  • Position
  • Regular postal address
  • E-mail

The papers are accepted until September 30, 2016 in electronic form on magnetic media.

The demands for paper will be sent after your abstracts will be received and submitted by conference scientific committee.