glkhavor pOn August 4, at the hall of NPUA’s Regional Educational Centre of Nuclear Security seminar-trainngs were held dedicated to the problems caused by nuclear and radiative accidents.

The event was opened by NPUA Rector, Regional Educational Centre of Nuclear Security Director Vostanik Marukhyan. He greeted and welcomed the participants, guests from the USA, as well as other RA organizations’ representatives.

In his speech, Rector Marukhyan mentioned the US Energy Department and the University’s 12-year traditional partnership, which is held every year, as a result of which such seminar-trainings are being held.

“Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with our American partners at Regional Educational Centre of Nuclear Security training courses of the university bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs are being held, as well as as well as scientific seminars and trainings on nuclear security issues,” said V. Marukhyan.

 Then the representative of State Energy Department, scientist Michael Mazur delivered a speech.

He represented a detailed analysis of computer-enhanced spectral radiation sources «SPARCS» system.

It is designed for different means of transport (cars, ships, airplanes, and so on) for radiation detection and neutralization.

The system is extremely important for the security of the population.

The report was followed with great interest.

All questions were answered.   

The event will go on till August 7.

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