NATO  Towards   NATO  security challenges via data analysis and judgments  support- NATO Advanced Research Conference , Aghveran, Armenia, 1-5 June, 2015.

   From June 1-5 in Aghveran ”Towards NATO security challenges via data analysis and judgments  support” – NATO Advanced Research Conference on combating terrorism, cyber-defense challenges, borders and ports will be held.

  The event is organized by Armenia’s National Polytechnic University, with Co-Director, Computer Systems and Informatics  Mr. Markarov.

  The conference brought together some 50 experts from 17 countries, including the US, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Canada, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Georgia, France.

  Within the framework of international experts will gather around the following objectives: to identify the problems connected with NATO 3 main priorities (antiterrorism, cyber-defense, borders and ports security) and explore technological solutions with partner countries via data analysis and judgments supports, promote relations between the NATO’s and partner countries’, especially Armenia’s and the former Soviet republics’, leading research centers.

   The conference speakers, in addition to the submission of reports, will participate in separately organized group discussions over each direction.

   Venue: Best Western Hotel, Aghveran, Armenia.


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