The “Engineering and Innovalogotion” Summer School took place from 03.07-04.08.2017 at National Polytechnic University of Armenia within framework of ERASMUS+, InnoCENS project.

The “Engineering and Innovation” Summer School 2017 had a multi- and cross-disciplinary thematic approach to meet challenges and opportunities related to nowadays engineering and innovation. The 14 participants were selected from more than 40 applicants. There are all from different universities. During a month participants of the Summer School passed a series of shared lectures and seminars as well as subject-oriented workshops. The participants had an opportunity to work with field experts, had a study visits to different centers and companies focused on Science, Technology and Innovation. The main objective of the summer school was to get knowledge and skills in innovative engineering as well as use all these in real life by developing own ideas and bring these ideas to the market. The special program was developed and realized by ANEL (Armenian National Engineering Laboratories) Educational Engineers for the summer school.

At the end of the “Engineering and Innovation” summer school several projects were presented by teams which were formed during the process. Not only the projects’ ideas were presented, some of them were in product realization stage.

The tasks were successfully completed.

It was good experience for participants as well as for organizers.

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